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20 Things I Learned about Training and Nutrition in 2013

In no particular order, here are 20 things about training and nutrition I learned (or confirmed) in 2013:

1. Strive to develop strength and flexibility at the same time.  Being strong without having good range of motion is useless.

2. For fast results, multiple training sessions in a day are a must.  Changes in body composition, flexibility, and strength, will happen much faster with a higher training frequency assuming you take care of recovery and nutritional needs.

3. Most New Yorkers have exercise ADD.  They never spend enough time on a single exercise (within a workout or an exercise program) to become proficient enough at it to make significant strength gains.

4. Even if your goals revolve around physical appearance, if you are not improving your performance in regards to strength or work capacity, you will not build any muscle mass!

5. Spending the majority of your waking hours sitting will ruin your hips and back.

6. It is always worth it to spend the extra money on organic butter, oils, coffee, and meat.

7. You will slack off if you don’t plan and record your workouts.

8. Good trainers share knowledge with their clients and colleagues.

9. Always keep track of your rest intervals, regardless of the style of workout.

10. A good training partner is the best way to increase motivation during a workout.

11. A high-protein, low-carb breakfast with sufficient fat, will do much more for your energy than coffee or energy drinks.

12. If certain foods always make you feel bloated or sick, stop eating them, even if they are supposed to be good for you.

13. Don’t go to a traditional doctor for advice on improving sleep.

14. If you doctor judges your health solely based on whether or not your test results fall within the lab reference ranges, find a new doctor.

15. You should feel better after the first visit to a physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, stretching specialist, acupuncturist, etc.  If not, time to try someone else.

16. Lemon/Lime water with colored salt is a great during workout. You can also try a diluted “greens” drink.

17. Try eating a high protein/low carb meal before your workout before turning to pre-workout stimulants.

18. Few people realize how low a full squat should really be.

19.  I don’t care what anyone says, you don’t need music to have a good workout.

20. Massage, Self myofascial release, and Active Release are great, but they don’t replace stretching.

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