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In-Home Personal Training in West Midtown NYC

Innovative Results-based training
Javier Garza spotting deadlift during personal training session

With our In-Home Personal training service, you get the same high quality personal training that we provide in our West Midtown gym, but in the convenience of your home. Our In-Home training is ideal for anyone who is serious about getting bigger, stronger, and leaner while improving their flexibility and mobility (believe it or not, even if you just want to get "toned", that requires building bigger muscles and losing body fat!). We also put a strong emphasis on structural balance, and pain-free movement to keep your body feeling good! While my training programs are demanding, if you have the perseverance, work ethic, and an open mind, I guarantee that you will see major results in muscle gain, fat loss, and strength! 

That being said, my coaching style is certainly not for everyone. Although you should learn to enjoy the training process, I'm not the type of personal trainer that is concerned with entertaining his clients. After all, the goal is to get you results! While my programs are constantly evolving, if you need every training session to be exciting and different, then I'm probably not the right trainer for you. On the other hand, if you are serious about wanting to increase your performance and transform your physique, let's talk!

Our well-rounded personal training programs include:

  • Training programs that utilize free weights, plyometrics, machine-based exercises, and gymnastic-inspired movements
  • Detailed nutrition and supplement plans to fit your lifestyle
  • Spreadsheets of your training programs that are yours to keep
  • Effective flexibility and mobility training with hands-on stretching when needed
  • Updated programs every 4-6 weeks

Benefits of Hiring an In-Home Personal Trainer

Javier Garza coaching standing rows

If you are just beginning to train for the first time, or have never seriously worked out with a personal trainer before, you are in good hands! First we begin with a thorough full-body assessment. This allows us to identify your weak links and to establish some baseline performance and body composition numbers. Next, we'll develop your training program that will emphasize building a solid foundation of mobility, balanced strength, and body control. This will condition your muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a safe manner to prepare for the intense training to come.

You can expect to see fairly quick gains in strength and flexibility over the first month. Additionally, it's not uncommon to drop about 2 percentage points in body fat if you are strict with the nutrition recommendations. It's up to the work that you're willing to put in!

In-Home Personal Training for Advanced Trainees

That being said my specialty is working with those of you who already have several years of training experience under their belt. Often times, your progress will stagnate after those initial 3-4 years of training. Strength gains become hard to come by. It become a struggle to add lean body weight, and it seems impossible to cut body fat without losing significant muscle mass. The reality is that the more advanced you are in your physical development, the harder and smarter you have to work in order to continue making progress. 

It's my job to uncover the limitations that are holding back your progress. Optimizing your sleep quality, getting your nutrition and supplements dialed in, healing nagging injuries, and correcting structural imbalances are the first issues we need to address. Then we can get to the fun stuff! Implementing training programs that will challenge you in new ways and yet keep the appropriate balance between intensity and recovery.

If In-Home personal training is something that you are interested in, sign up for your free introductory session using the link below!

In-Home Personal Training Pricing

Personal Training Rates: $135/session