About Javier



Ojump_smallne part nerd and one part jock, my journey through the health and fitness industry has consisted of one obsession after another, covering everything from bodybuilding, olympic weightlifting, and football combine training, to alternative medicine, stretching therapy, and meditation. The broad scope of my interests has led me to realize that there is no single best method, and that an open mind is the key characteristic for my continued growth as a professional.

I have been a competitive athlete in football, wrestling, rugby, olympic weightlifting and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Of all the experiences gained from competitive athletics, it is the various injuries that I have sustained and the subsequent rehabilitation that have taught me the most about the human body and its capacity to heal.

I have been working as a personal trainer/strength coach in New York City since 2009 and have found my niche as a muscle-building specialist, helping guys and gals to pack on lean mass while simultaneously maintaining an emphasis on mobility, pain-free movement, and overall well-being. My approach is a combination of the old-school training methods developed by the innovators in the iron game and in athletic performance training, along with modern-day nutrition and regeneration science.

B.A. Biological Sciences, Columbia University
PICP Level 2 Trainer
Biosignature Modulation Practitioner
2012 Weightlifting National Championships Bronze Medalist
Collegiate Football Player
Competed in Wrestling, Rugby, Submission Grappling